Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Common Dental Treatments

The thought of going to a dentist may be a bit intimidating for most of you either due to lengthy treatment procedures or anxiety about the condition of your gums and teeth. Some of the dental procedures that have been discussed below can make your upcoming visit to the dentist go smoother.

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1.Braces: Dental braces help to correct the alignment of teeth and solve bite related problems. They exert pressure on the teeth which leads to the straightening of your teeth.
2.Bonding: To repair decayed, chipped, cracked and discoloured teeth bonding procedure is used where a special tooth coloured resin is applied. This process helps in closing the tooth gaps and then it is hardened with a special light. This treatment can be easily done in a dental office.
3.Fillings and Repair: This process is helpful to restore teeth with cavities. Dentists use silver amalgam and resins in this treatment. Specialised dentists at Sandhurst are competent to carry out such procedures with ease.
4.Veneers: These are thin and strong pieces of ceramic or resin that helps in bonding teeth, which are decayed, stained and chipped.
5.Bridges and Implants: Bridges are procedures used by dentists to replace one or more missing tooth. The most common one which is used is the fixed bridge. Implants are metal posts or frames which are positioned surgically into jawbones. They act as anchors for teeth replacement. You can rely on dentists Cranbourne for such critical issues to be solved without much pain.
6.Crowning and Capping: To protect cracked and damaged teeth dental crowns and caps are used. They help to improve the appearance and strength of the teeth and are placed over the visible tooth part. These caps are made of materials like metals and porcelain.
7.Root Canals: Sometimes teeth get diseased and abscessed. It is then that the procedure of root canal is applied. In this treatment, the damaged teeth are opened and cleaned to remove the tissue that has got infected.
8.Teeth Whitening: With aging, teeth get darkened. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee also leads to teeth darkening.  In this case, dentists use peroxide based materials for whitening of teeth.
9.Extraction: This is another common treatment for damaged tooth. When tooth severely gets decayed, it needs extraction to give you permanent relief. The tooth is removed from the socket in the bone. This process is also applied if you have wisdom tooth issue. There is nothing to get panicked if you are going for tooth extraction with the help of dentists in Seaford as they are extremely skilled and talented in their profession.
10.Gum Surgery: Gum disease is an infection, which affects the jaw bone and gums. This often leads to loss of gum and teeth. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are the two stages of this infection. In these cases, gum surgery is essential and must be carried out only by specialists in this field. Dentists at Langwarrin are specialised in such surgeries.

 Dentistry has become advanced these days and the doctors carry out these procedures only after proper examination of the patient’s oral health.

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